2018 a year of Abundance

This year is – as you look at the state of the numbers – an eleven year: 2+0+1+8 = 11

Eleven – or 11 is a Masternumber and means that we all get a chance
to Transform in this beautiful year!

Do you want to transfer? To pickup the chalenge to go any step forward that is show onto you? I for myself will do everything to use this special gift.

And as I look after my birthdau number of the year 2017 and to that from 2018, it fits me very well: being the year before in a 6 year in 2017 and reaching a 7th year in 2018, I know, this is my time, no way to lose this very special year coming.

How do you know about your yearnumber? It works like this:

take your birthday and birthday month: for me 7 – 7
then take the year before: for me it is 7 – 7 – 2017 / count it together: 7+7+2+0+1+7 = 24 = 6 So this year from my birthday 2017 to my birthday 2018 I had to look for my health and balance (2) and find a way to work for myself with my body, spirit and soul (6).

The year 2017 started with me being in a ten year: 2017 = 10 but my birthday (7) and month (7) is 14/5. Together with 2017 – being a 10 year = 15 and 1 + 5 = 6 with the special Mission:  to take my responsibility for my life and how I want to fulfill this in my life.

The year 2018 asks me to fulfill my Mission as SPEAKER, so this is what I have to work on this year. And it starts right now: in my BLOGS, in my SPEECHES on the 7th of april 2018 as we have a TEKENTAAL EVENT, where I am a speaker too. So if you can see that your life is passing aligned with your mission, you are on the right  moment at the right place.

  • May I ask you: what is your mission?
  • What is your right time and place to be then?
  • Would you like to know?
  • Would you like me to step with you for some time?

Let me know: I am giving a webinar about this stuff very soon.
Join me, I like to work with all of you!




CORONA time – 1

This day, 8 – 4 – 2020, we are thrilled by this new time coming. What does it mean to us? How can we manage it out of the usual settings we know about? How to start again with a total new program?

It is a new way of living, a new way thinking out of the box, we did it already earlier, but it is such a new way of thinking we have to face that it will change our lives forever. Nothin will ever be the same again, you can forget that. But if you want a chace in your live to get rid of old confessions and behavior: this is the time just for you.

So take your chance and change your live. Make it wat t was meant to be.

I hope you will stay with me in that chance.

Danka Hüsken-Smit

The 13 spirituel chakra’s

How your 7 chakra’s changed to 13 spiritual chakra’s

These days, we are happy to tell you about the change of the 7 chakra’s in 13 chakra’s.

Want to know more about it?

Want to work with them yourself?

Then come to the EMI-year – 13 spiritual chakra’s – and get at the end of the year your Certificate of EMI-school

Start: 17 October 2019 – every two weeks – 15 days and 10 coach sessions.

Ask information: dankahusken.emi@gmail.com

Become unstressed and focused

Want to be unstressed and in focus? Do the test and learn how.

By drawing and learning to use your both sides of your brain, you help yourself to be in balance. It helps to unstress, to find new thoughts and have rest in your body and soul. That makes you more in focus with yourself.

When we are able to feed our soul, our body and our spirit, we take care of our health. That brings us peace and good feelings. It helps to be in contact with earth and universe, to be capable of making desicions.

Feel the power of nature, see it in the blossoms and flowers, look at the glance and vibrations. And know that even you – human being – are made of the same stuff. Take a breathe and blow out, be one of the vibrations, be yourself.

A new season – a new Magic Mandala year

We just started a new year with four groups!

  1. Basic Mandala & Numerology – basic Knowledge
  2. Biography with the 7 Chakra’s – what’s up to you?
  3. The Enlightmentcards – make it yourself and play!

Two new groups are standing up:

  • My HOME-Magic Mandala group – 13 Chakra’s
  • Numerology at a deeper level – Pentagram – describing and explaining

IMG_2786 b K

Want to know more? Let me know and I shall see how I can help you.

With Magic Mandala’s more fun and development and…Human being

The wonder of Life – the Lifetree

The Life-tree is, he most specific matrix of Life. In our groups we often draw these matrix and lay over it all kind of patterns. It is very beautiful and amazing what students are capable to as they want to express their feelings about this creative as we all know, t life-seed, flower of life and the life tree.Once we asked our mandala fans to draw the matrix and give it their personal expression. That were so brilliant drawings and there were so many beautiful ideas worked out. We, as we be teachers of the Educatief Mandala Instituut, were flabbergasted about the results. And: their were winners, which got a price for their work.Scan 021 K - b

Here you see a work of my hands on silk, that very beautiful material, where you can paint on.
Not cheep and you can discuss to use it, but in my opinion giving you the best, as you want something very specially.

And here below, you see an Ei-tempera painting of my hand, alsoeitempera danka 5 b extra klein based on the matrix


The more we are connecting in drawing  out of
Natural thinking and being involved, the more
you will see and you will – after a time of trial – be able to draw all what you like to.

So believe that this will also happens to you, I am sure you will get there. I wish you very much fun with your own mandala.s, that are all of them stands for the Power of life.

Dear greetings,

Danka Husken-Smit

Leven in Balans – now for myself

This year I lost my dear husband. In August 2015 we were in the hospital and heard from the medical staff that he had not very much chance to get better and he had to prepare himself for the end of his life. As he walked out of the hospital after the first operation he felt himself well enough to go for a photo-session. And this was the photo he made in November 2015.

_MG_3660-1 k

At that moment we choose for living as happy and peaceful as we could. Doing what we always did, but that our love life was very important to both of us. In our work we want people to see that it is very important to become a high energy level, so now we could let them see that, whatever is happening – you can stay in that level most of the time.

This photograph became the last one he made and we used it in his condolence card.
On the top of it there was my last egg-tempera painting, that we brought with us from Amstelveen to Arnhem, eighteen years ago.  As he died in our own home, I am so glad that we shared the last weeks of his life, here. I miss him every day, but know that he is still there in his own energy. I will never forget him. Bye darling Hans.

SCAN298 b  Photo’s: Hans Hüsken


The second year of Educatief Mandala Instituut at Klooster Huissen

Yes!  We have started again with our three groups on Mandala drawing to become a teacher in MandalaArt & Numerology. Th new students are working together with the students in the Teacher/trainer class. They already have two years of experience and now they have to show what they can. We started this Saterday with them telling their own story to the new students. They did very good  and succeeded to tell the students the importance of Commitment to the year 2016-2017. I am so very proud of them. Out motto is:

With Mandala more Human BeingIMG_3038

My Trainingteam on the Educatief Mandala Institute

The Trainingsteam: Antje Dijkstra, Dorothea Waalder, Willemien Geurts en Mieke Mudde. In the front: Initiator Danka Hüsken, at the E.M.I. meeting at the Dominicanenklooster Huissen.  Photograph: KRO-team. This also is the place where the E.M.I training-days take place.

The photograph below is from Studio Danka & Hans Hüsken. Greetings to the New Year 2016 – a 9 year – that says: Let go old patterns and go for new engagement.

Our wishes:  That 2016 may bring us the connection to the world, in love and peace. Have a very good New Year- evening!