Winterweek – Spirituality – in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen

In 2014 I will give a new Mandala Winterweek in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen. These week are every time again very amazing, for people get back there several time to contemplate, meditate and to draw their mandala’s, instead of gowing to the snow. I always facy these weeks, this year we will undertake the yourney into our own spirit and to see how we can draw card to play. These symbolic cards – we aslo name the Enlightning Cards – will be drawned on white or black paper. Because of their inspirated issues, we chose them each day, they can be used and played by yourself but also be played by a group, family feast or friends.

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The way we play with the cards will be learned in the evening, so that one can play the inspiring game at home as easy as it was in the course. It is a pleasure to see the creative ways the participants chose to  represent their special pictures. I know we will have a great week of joy and participation with all of us.

Do you want to share this very special moment? Their are some places left so you can subscribe by looking at the website of the Dominicanen Klooster:

You also can look for more people who want to come as a group. Then you can chose for English as language. Do and look at my website:

I wish you a very good 2014 – a very good spiritual year ( see for more information my English Blog on Numerology )

Love and charity,





The end of the year of Responsibility 2013…

On nearly the end of the year 2013, in which we had to take responsibility to our life, we now aproach 2014, the year of spirituality. In this year it is very important to live in the light, to enlighten our lives. Spirituality is a beautiful feeling and gaol to go for. See the chances in your life, enjoy jour ideas, give them your blessing and be wondeed of what is coming to you.

The year 2014 seen out of the numerology scene, tells us that we have our doubts (2) and that we give those feelings space (0), but we are willing to go for new experiences (1) to live our life out of the heart.  As we count those numbers together you get number 7, the number of spirituality, analytical abilities, grow your own reality and keep on to it. This tells you how to manage this year from the side of numerologic view.

ImageThe following possibility is to see how this fits with your year number. What is a year number?  The year number is taken from your birthday numbers. As you perhaps know: you can count all the numbers of your birthday together and you will get your destination number. The destination number leads you to what you can reach in your life. Over several years there will be changes to bring you more and more to that specific quality. Your year number is taken from your birthday numbers. I will give you an example by telling you about my own birthday numbers: 7 – 7 – 1945 / counted together = 33 / simplified number 6. My destination is the quality of number 33 – as this number is called a Master number it has a special message to tell. It says: pick up your destiny and go for the world. Stand up for who you are and share your knowledge, your insights with all those who want to hear and to know. That is what I am doing now: sharing my knowledge with all of you!  When you are not so familiar with the Numerology, you can count 3+3 together and receive the number 6, which quality is to take responsibility in your life.  I also did this or many years, as I was not aware of my greater powerfull   number 33!

Back to the Year number. You will get your yearnumber by counting the day of birth + the month of birth + the year we are living in. For me, it means: 7 + 7 + 2014 = 30 / 3 IN numerologic term we see number 0 as zero, space or emptiness. It give us space for doing things as we want them to do. For me it means in this coming year on my birthday, that I will get very very very creative in doing what I have to do. Because this date and this year will begin at my birthday, I now still stay in the quality of the year before: that is 7 + 7 + 2013 = 20 / 2 year (but also with space) and this says: you will have your doubts, but you will go for inner peace and harmony. When conflict arrive you will face them and let go afterwards, you will be able to step back when it is needed and step forward when it occurs to you to do so. Until july of this coming year I still have to consider this but I can prepare for the next inspiring yearnumber three, that will bring me into a stream of creativity. To know this happening, is to help fulfil my dreams!

So, if you yourself want to know how you can encounter the year 2014, write down your birthday in the past 2013 and the coming 2014 and count your numbers together. Find your year number and find the way and time to overcross the border. For all those people who want to share with me their numbers: send me your numbers and I will give you my answer on it. I will write the numbers from 1 to 9 – as used in the numerology – underneath with their sicnificance meaning to help you find your mission for this coming year.

number 1     creative power, going                                                   eitempera danka 5 b extra klein - Number 7
number 2     power of life, playing
number 3     power of trinity, triad, shining
number 4     power of love, transformation
number 5     power of communication, speaking
number 6     power of responsibility, insight
number 7     power of your mind, your reality
number 8     power of law and order – universe versus earth
number 9     power of charity – universal love, compassion

I know this is a little help, but to exercise with the quality of numbers it will helpfull enough. If you want to know more about it, please contact me or subscribe to my Blog. Every new Blog will give you more information!

Have a good time, stay in your power  and give love to yourself and your fellow-creature neighbour!

With love,          SCAN 7 -2013  Handtekening Danka Husken232