Winterweek – Spirituality – in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen

In 2014 I will give a new Mandala Winterweek in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen. These week are every time again very amazing, for people get back there several time to contemplate, meditate and to draw their mandala’s, instead of gowing to the snow. I always facy these weeks, this year we will undertake theContinue reading “Winterweek – Spirituality – in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen”

The end of the year of Responsibility 2013…

On nearly the end of the year 2013, in which we had to take responsibility to our life, we now aproach 2014, the year of spirituality. In this year it is very important to live in the light, to enlighten our lives. Spirituality is a beautiful feeling and gaol to go for. See the chancesContinue reading “The end of the year of Responsibility 2013…”