New Spring feelings

IMG_1013 1 bSCAN 107 2Rozet Auxerre N-zijde

On this moment, it is very nice weather, I like to be outside. But I know: there is much to do, to write, as you see and to share with many people. At first I want to set free the feelings of joy, being in touch with that special energy, wel call ‘flow’!

This energy is one of the most substantial energies I know about, for it helps anybody to get in touch again. In touch with your own energy and the energy outside of you, in the universe, among other people.

In our mandala drawing sessions we call this energy: ‘streaming energy’ and it is wonderfull to see how you can use it in your mandala drawings. I give you an example how I used it in my drawings. You can see if it suits you to. Feel free to use my example.

To make mandala’s by the ‘streaming technique’ you need to be able to ‘stream’.  In Zentangles we call ‘streaming’ filling up the several parts of the mandala (circle) or the tangle (quadratic, square) with the same pattern. By ‘streaming mandala’s’ you can fill the whole circle with as many other patters as you want. It is also a quit other technique then drawing Zentangles.
The beauty of ‘Streaming mandala’s’ is that you can take every time and every moment to set up a mandala in the atmosphere of that moment. You can also draw a rose window and fill it out with patterns you like. To find your own patterns you can follow this idea:

  • look very much at nature outside and draw the patterns you see and find in a little booklet as a reminder
  • look at magazines as Happinez to get imspirated
  • look at my books, there are many examples of ‘streaming mandala’s’  (uitgeverij Akasha: )


SCAN V 713


I hope you will see very much in the nature: plants, flowers, leaves, they all will do for this purpose.
I hope you will enjoy this exercise and the way you are going to grow in a very natural way!

Dear greetings, Danka Hüsken-Smit

SCAN 7 -2013  Handtekening Danka Husken232




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I am Danka Husken-Smit founder of the Education Mandala Instituut. I am psychosocial coach and train people to come in touch with their passion and balance and to grow their insights. I work with drawing media, so all you learn, you will implement by putting your persuasions into a drawing. This will help you to find your own patterns and possibilities. As we know everyone is capable to change and to grow to mindfulness, you can change your beliefs and navigate them that way.

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