Another time to be in contact with you all!

This year – september 2015 – starts of the Education Mandala Institute at the Dominicanenklooster at Huissen

New students come for the  first year to grow for themselves.


Students from the year before come to become Mandala teachers and Numerology experts.


They all will grow, because that is the only way to get development in your life.


I like to gratulate both groups, because of their courage and investment in themselves. As I know myself: this is the start of new life, for them as well as it is for us: teachers and for the Dominicanenklooster too. I wish all of them them very beatifull experiences in mandala and numerology!

IMG_3038        IMG_3035

The students of this year Group I and Group II and the teachers: Initiator Danka Hüsken-Smit and Mieke Mudde-van den Bos. I am very proud of the teachers at Educatief Mandala Instituut

  • Mieke Mudde
  • Willemien Geurts
  • Antje Dijkstra
  • Dorothea Waalder

who shares so much with me and make it possible with me to make my dream come true. Also thanks to the students, who have the faith in our Institute to go for it. Well done!

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