The wonder of Life – the Lifetree

The Life-tree is, he most specific matrix of Life. In our groups we often draw these matrix and lay over it all kind of patterns. It is very beautiful and amazing what students are capable to as they want to express their feelings about this creative as we all know, t life-seed, flower of life and the life tree.Once we asked our mandala fans to draw the matrix and give it their personal expression. That were so brilliant drawings and there were so many beautiful ideas worked out. We, as we be teachers of the Educatief Mandala Instituut, were flabbergasted about the results. And: their were winners, which got a price for their work.Scan 021 K - b

Here you see a work of my hands on silk, that very beautiful material, where you can paint on.
Not cheep and you can discuss to use it, but in my opinion giving you the best, as you want something very specially.

And here below, you see an Ei-tempera painting of my hand, alsoeitempera danka 5 b extra klein based on the matrix


The more we are connecting in drawing  out of
Natural thinking and being involved, the more
you will see and you will – after a time of trial – be able to draw all what you like to.

So believe that this will also happens to you, I am sure you will get there. I wish you very much fun with your own mandala.s, that are all of them stands for the Power of life.

Dear greetings,

Danka Husken-Smit

Leven in Balans – now for myself

This year I lost my dear husband. In August 2015 we were in the hospital and heard from the medical staff that he had not very much chance to get better and he had to prepare himself for the end of his life. As he walked out of the hospital after the first operation he felt himself well enough to go for a photo-session. And this was the photo he made in November 2015.

_MG_3660-1 k

At that moment we choose for living as happy and peaceful as we could. Doing what we always did, but that our love life was very important to both of us. In our work we want people to see that it is very important to become a high energy level, so now we could let them see that, whatever is happening – you can stay in that level most of the time.

This photograph became the last one he made and we used it in his condolence card.
On the top of it there was my last egg-tempera painting, that we brought with us from Amstelveen to Arnhem, eighteen years ago.  As he died in our own home, I am so glad that we shared the last weeks of his life, here. I miss him every day, but know that he is still there in his own energy. I will never forget him. Bye darling Hans.

SCAN298 b  Photo’s: Hans Hüsken