2018 a year of Abundance

This year is – as you look at the state of the numbers – an eleven year: 2+0+1+8 = 11

Eleven – or 11 is a Masternumber and means that we all get a chance
to Transform in this beautiful year!

Do you want to transfer? To pickup the chalenge to go any step forward that is show onto you? I for myself will do everything to use this special gift.

And as I look after my birthdau number of the year 2017 and to that from 2018, it fits me very well: being the year before in a 6 year in 2017 and reaching a 7th year in 2018, I know, this is my time, no way to lose this very special year coming.

How do you know about your yearnumber? It works like this:

take your birthday and birthday month: for me 7 – 7
then take the year before: for me it is 7 – 7 – 2017 / count it together: 7+7+2+0+1+7 = 24 = 6 So this year from my birthday 2017 to my birthday 2018 I had to look for my health and balance (2) and find a way to work for myself with my body, spirit and soul (6).

The year 2017 started with me being in a ten year: 2017 = 10 but my birthday (7) and month (7) is 14/5. Together with 2017 – being a 10 year = 15 and 1 + 5 = 6 with the special Mission:  to take my responsibility for my life and how I want to fulfill this in my life.

The year 2018 asks me to fulfill my Mission as SPEAKER, so this is what I have to work on this year. And it starts right now: in my BLOGS, in my SPEECHES on the 7th of april 2018 as we have a TEKENTAAL EVENT, where I am a speaker too. So if you can see that your life is passing aligned with your mission, you are on the right  moment at the right place.

  • May I ask you: what is your mission?
  • What is your right time and place to be then?
  • Would you like to know?
  • Would you like me to step with you for some time?

Let me know: I am giving a webinar about this stuff very soon.
Join me, I like to work with all of you!





Published by infodh655

I am Danka Husken-Smit founder of the Education Mandala Instituut. I am psychosocial coach and train people to come in touch with their passion and balance and to grow their insights. I work with drawing media, so all you learn, you will implement by putting your persuasions into a drawing. This will help you to find your own patterns and possibilities. As we know everyone is capable to change and to grow to mindfulness, you can change your beliefs and navigate them that way.

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