CORONA time – 1

This day, 8 – 4 – 2020, we are thrilled by this new time coming. What does it mean to us? How can we manage it out of the usual settings we know about? How to start again with a total new program?

It is a new way of living, a new way thinking out of the box, we did it already earlier, but it is such a new way of thinking we have to face that it will change our lives forever. Nothin will ever be the same again, you can forget that. But if you want a chace in your live to get rid of old confessions and behavior: this is the time just for you.

So take your chance and change your live. Make it wat t was meant to be.

I hope you will stay with me in that chance.

Danka Hüsken-Smit


Published by infodh655

I am Danka Husken-Smit founder of the Education Mandala Instituut. I am psychosocial coach and train people to come in touch with their passion and balance and to grow their insights. I work with drawing media, so all you learn, you will implement by putting your persuasions into a drawing. This will help you to find your own patterns and possibilities. As we know everyone is capable to change and to grow to mindfulness, you can change your beliefs and navigate them that way.

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