After… Corona…

At this moment I am busy to lick my wounds and ordening my worksituation. Corona hit me very fast and hard, but nevertheless: I won’t give up and start again.

Corona also give us chances for new settings and so I decided to make a new website for my work as a drawing therapist, life coach, trainer, reader and author. Let’s take the moment to reniew, to reintegrate, to build new life conditions. Not being stressed anymore, not being angry or siappointed, but fierce and glad to be still alive: healthy, wealthy and happy. Or you coulkd also say: I live Love, Trust and Power and I belief all will come well.


Published by infodh655

I am Danka Husken-Smit founder of the Education Mandala Instituut. I am psychosocial coach and train people to come in touch with their passion and balance and to grow their insights. I work with drawing media, so all you learn, you will implement by putting your persuasions into a drawing. This will help you to find your own patterns and possibilities. As we know everyone is capable to change and to grow to mindfulness, you can change your beliefs and navigate them that way.

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