Three years Training on Mandala & Numerology

This year 2014 – 2015 I start a new three years training on Mandala & Numerology. For all people who want to invest in themselves or in their future and practice. This training is on one day per month for ten times including two Coaching training dicussions. Want to grow? want to learn? Want toContinue reading “Three years Training on Mandala & Numerology”

White Sunday weekend in the Dominicanenklooster at Huissen

This weekend I had a weekend with my students in Huissen, where we celebrated White Sunday an its marvelous ceremonies. We inquiered with interest and intention our beliefs on that matter and made mind maps about it. Than, we draw our intentions over the way we celebrate the White Sunday Event and what it hasContinue reading “White Sunday weekend in the Dominicanenklooster at Huissen”

Mandala & Numerology – a pair together

This time, I want to bring my two loves together: mandala and numerology. Why would you do that, you will ask.   Becaus for me the two themes are involved, they work together as we are growing in our life. Mandala’s, being drawings in a circle, and numerology mandala’s, being also drawings in a circleContinue reading “Mandala & Numerology – a pair together”

About he Winterweek 2014 – spirituality – at the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen

The Winterweek on spirituality and making our own cards to play the game, has been very succesfull. We learned a lot about elements, seasons, hope, love and commmitment. Also about birth, dead and truth. My group enjoyed this week by drawing learning and playing the cards.  This game is about symbols and enlightment. . ThereContinue reading “About he Winterweek 2014 – spirituality – at the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen”

Winterweek – Spirituality – in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen

In 2014 I will give a new Mandala Winterweek in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen. These week are every time again very amazing, for people get back there several time to contemplate, meditate and to draw their mandala’s, instead of gowing to the snow. I always facy these weeks, this year we will undertake theContinue reading “Winterweek – Spirituality – in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen”