Happy New Year 2015 – a eight – LEMNISCATE – year

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2015    =   an eight year   – Lemniscate  –  Kosmic and Earth working together to fulfill your desire….

Implement your longings from the universe into your head , ispeak them out and bring them into your heart, down to your solar plexus, your basic chakra into the Earth and bring them under your feet and make them – by thinking a lemnicate under your feet – alive and true. Confirm them by bringing the longings back through your head by touching every chakra and colour naming them: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo and all colours of the rainbow. And send your wishes with them back tot the universe to  alow them to grow, and grow, and grow! until they work out in your live.

Tekst Mahatma Gandhi

Have a very, very good and succesfull year!

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About he Winterweek 2014 – spirituality – at the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen

The Winterweek on spirituality and making our own cards to play the game, has been very succesfull.
We learned a lot about elements, seasons, hope, love and commmitment. Also about birth, dead and truth. My group enjoyed this week by drawing learning and playing the cards.  This game is about symbols and enlightment.
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There are many themes that helps to grow the game. During the week, some find his own theme, as Marsja found her theme: Music, she immediately draw her cards on that theme.  Together we founded the theme: Love, Hope, Commitment. Before we called those cardsBirth, Dead and Trust. It is amazing how this game still is growing, every time that we repeat the themes.

We were with twelve students, some of them already made a game, but wanted to complete it. Some were making cards for the first time.
As we study together the meaning of the cards, we come to several very special outcomes. Every card that is made, gives his character free to who plays with it.

I want to show you some of our photographs, so that you can get an impression how it was, out there in the Dominicanen Klooster. We had a very good time together. Thanks to my students and the house that protected us.

With my greetings,   SCAN 7 -2013  Handtekening Danka Husken232


Time for Insight – Time to rest – Time to enlighten yourself

This image depicts the Tree of Life derived fr...

This image depicts the Tree of Life derived from the Flower of Life. Created by sloth_monkey 11:48, 4 November 2006 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this month – November – it is time to go inside yourself. To get in touch with your inner self and to refresh and undertake some social participation with your family. In America and England we have now Thnksgiving to celebrate.  For most people here in the Netherlands, we have much fun with “Sint Nicolaas” and we celebrate his birthday. Where it is all about, I think, is to have some days in your live that you concentrate on doing something very funny, loveable and social.

Working with mandala’s is the same way of sharing with yourself, your friends, your social surroundings, the most funny, loveable and sometimes also meditative themes of and issues in your live. If you send a mandala drawing (little ones) as a gift for Christmas, New Year or Birthday, you always give something quite personel. You are ‘touching’ people with your little gift, they are touched, in contact with you for a moment. And as your card can stand on a special place: they will still stay in touch with you during the time, that card stands on that place.

I suggest that we send such personel cards to persons in illness, as we want to give them a little bit of energy, as we want to share their sadness, as we want to stay in a sort of deeper contact. In my workshops, winterweeks and summerweeks, I always make cards to share lovely sayings, as they are senteces that inspires people for the day to come.

Learn to share, to give, it is not necessarely to make big gifts: little cards will do!

So for this moment I want to share with you something we try to set in the Netherlands: On the third Advent evening, we will put a Rainbowcard, that all of us made for ourselves, behind the window and we enlighten that picture, drawing, with a light.underneath. It seems to be a wonderfull idea to share with the world. As we do it all together, we will have and bring very much ‘enlightment’ in the world.

Do you want to shar this with all of us?

Let me know on Facebook, Twitter and Linked in.Image

This Silk painting is mine, I love the Tree of Life as an Theme to give Hope to the world.
If you want to share the idea, make a Tree of Life yourself and put it everywhere where you can to share.
Have a good time, enlighten yourself, go in peace and grow!

Dear greetings,

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