You, the unique Self…

Today, I am working on my Mandala Blog pages in WordPress. How difficult it is, to write a Blog every week. But I shall try to do so, for the next weekend I am going to study again to become a real Entrepeneur! Lets see what I cann tell yuou this day. The newest whatContinue reading “You, the unique Self…”

Mandala & Numerology – a pair together

For me, Mandalawork is as important as working with Numerology. Both show your inner self to uou and help you growing your lifetime long. May be, you don’t like it to be seen in that way, but believe me, looking at yourself that we id from big importance to become the unique person you reallyContinue reading “Mandala & Numerology – a pair together”

From Therapist to Life Coach

As I was a Drawing therapist in the early beginning of my work in Amsterdam / Amstelveen I became a Life Coach in the new Millenium. It started by being asked – PARAVISIE – and nowadays I can really tell you that I am in for it by being asked – CORONA COVID 19 –Continue reading “From Therapist to Life Coach”

The 13 spirituel chakra’s

How your 7 chakra’s changed to 13 spiritual chakra’s These days, we are happy to tell you about the change of the 7 chakra’s in 13 chakra’s. Want to know more about it? Want to work with them yourself? Then come to the EMI-year – 13 spiritual chakra’s – and get at the end ofContinue reading “The 13 spirituel chakra’s”

A new season – a new Magic Mandala year

We just started a new year with four groups! Basic Mandala & Numerology – basic Knowledge Biography with the 7 Chakra’s – what’s up to you? The Enlightmentcards – make it yourself and play! Two new groups are standing up: My HOME-Magic Mandala group – 13 Chakra’s Numerology at a deeper level – Pentagram – describingContinue reading “A new season – a new Magic Mandala year”

The wonder of Life – the Lifetree

The Life-tree is, he most specific matrix of Life. In our groups we often draw these matrix and lay over it all kind of patterns. It is very beautiful and amazing what students are capable to as they want to express their feelings about this creative as we all know, t life-seed, flower of life andContinue reading “The wonder of Life – the Lifetree”