The new Chakra’s are…

At first, we have to realize that working with the new chakra’s will mean that you have the possibility to change. For the last 80 years, we worked with the seven known chakra’s: Basic-, Sacrum-, Solar Plexus-, Heart- , Throat-, Third eye-, and Crown chakra. One of them – the third eye – you seeContinue reading “The new Chakra’s are…”

A new way of Blogging on MY Blog Mandala – inspiration – reflection – movement

     On My Blog Mandala I want to let you know, that a new time has arrived, in which the Educatief Mandala Instituut grows out and become a grown up. Nowadays, we can be inspired on our new place where the training take place: the Dominicanenklooster te Huissen. It is a beautifull convent where IContinue reading “A new way of Blogging on MY Blog Mandala – inspiration – reflection – movement”

Another time to be in contact with you all!

This year – september 2015 – starts of the Education Mandala Institute at the Dominicanenklooster at Huissen New students come for the  first year to grow for themselves. Students from the year before come to become Mandala teachers and Numerology experts. They all will grow, because that is the only way to get development inContinue reading “Another time to be in contact with you all!”

Happy New Year 2015 – a eight – LEMNISCATE – year

Happy New Year 2015    =   an eight year   – Lemniscate  –  Kosmic and Earth working together to fulfill your desire…. Implement your longings from the universe into your head , ispeak them out and bring them into your heart, down to your solar plexus, your basic chakra into the Earth and bring them under yourContinue reading “Happy New Year 2015 – a eight – LEMNISCATE – year”

Self-reliant, selffulfilling, independence, preventive healthcare

As we are now in a way reliable for our own health, it is a very good thing to consider how we can get influence on our health. And not afterwards only, when we are already sick, because it is often too late then, but to go over to preventive healthcare. In the thirty yearsContinue reading “Self-reliant, selffulfilling, independence, preventive healthcare”