Three years Training on Mandala & Numerology

This year 2014 – 2015 I start a new three years training on Mandala & Numerology.
For all people who want to invest in themselves or in their future and practice.
This training is on one day per month for ten times including two Coaching training dicussions.

Want to grow? want to learn? Want to be a Mandala & Numerology teacher?
Little groups, personal attention, in individual form, you will like it!
You also can ask for teaching on English or German, I can help you out!

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Ask for information: or

You also can ask for teaching on English or German, I can help you out!


White Sunday weekend in the Dominicanenklooster at Huissen

This weekend I had a weekend with my students in Huissen, where we celebrated White Sunday an its marvelous ceremonies.
We inquiered with interest and intention our beliefs on that matter and made mind maps about it.
Than, we draw our intentions over the way we celebrate the White Sunday Event and what it has to say to us.

On Sunday morning we celebrated White Sunday in the Mass which was magnificent and afterwards we drawned our feelings in a mandala.
It was a beautiful weekend and we enjoyed it very much, being in this special movement together.
It was really a very special time we spend together.

Let’s hope for more such special times! I will share some fotographs with you.

IMG_2212 IMG_2217 IMG_2213 IMG_2214 IMG_2229 IMG_2238 _MG_3020 b


Dear greetings

Danka Husken



Mandala & Numerology – a pair together

This time, I want to bring my two loves together: mandala and numerology.

Why would you do that, you will ask.


Becaus for me the two themes are involved, they work together as we are growing in our life. Mandala’s, being drawings in a circle, and numerology mandala’s, being also drawings in a circle – but with numbers and qualities – complete each other during the time we are using them to grow, to research, to learn about ourselves. As a teacher, I often use both tools at the samen moment, just to help my students see what is going on in their life. By studying the two different aspects, they find a new way of looking at their possibilities, their talents, their doings and not doings. So , to look who you are in colour, in outspoken qualities, but also in a drawing, gives you a clue to yourself.

In my new training I help my students to find a way where they can grow themselves to the unique person they really are. To know what you can afford and what you can become is something very beautiful. As they learn how they can transform things in their life to a better rate, they find relieve and trust, they will become in balance. So in my opinion, mandala & numerology as well as working with the chakra’s belong together to fulfill your life and give sense to be here on earth: male and female, child, youngsters and aged people.




I hope you will enjoy working with the circle in any form!

Dear greetings, Danka Husken-Smit

New Spring feelings

IMG_1013 1 bSCAN 107 2Rozet Auxerre N-zijde

On this moment, it is very nice weather, I like to be outside. But I know: there is much to do, to write, as you see and to share with many people. At first I want to set free the feelings of joy, being in touch with that special energy, wel call ‘flow’!

This energy is one of the most substantial energies I know about, for it helps anybody to get in touch again. In touch with your own energy and the energy outside of you, in the universe, among other people.

In our mandala drawing sessions we call this energy: ‘streaming energy’ and it is wonderfull to see how you can use it in your mandala drawings. I give you an example how I used it in my drawings. You can see if it suits you to. Feel free to use my example.

To make mandala’s by the ‘streaming technique’ you need to be able to ‘stream’.  In Zentangles we call ‘streaming’ filling up the several parts of the mandala (circle) or the tangle (quadratic, square) with the same pattern. By ‘streaming mandala’s’ you can fill the whole circle with as many other patters as you want. It is also a quit other technique then drawing Zentangles.
The beauty of ‘Streaming mandala’s’ is that you can take every time and every moment to set up a mandala in the atmosphere of that moment. You can also draw a rose window and fill it out with patterns you like. To find your own patterns you can follow this idea:

  • look very much at nature outside and draw the patterns you see and find in a little booklet as a reminder
  • look at magazines as Happinez to get imspirated
  • look at my books, there are many examples of ‘streaming mandala’s’  (uitgeverij Akasha: )


SCAN V 713


I hope you will see very much in the nature: plants, flowers, leaves, they all will do for this purpose.
I hope you will enjoy this exercise and the way you are going to grow in a very natural way!

Dear greetings, Danka Hüsken-Smit

SCAN 7 -2013  Handtekening Danka Husken232



About he Winterweek 2014 – spirituality – at the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen

The Winterweek on spirituality and making our own cards to play the game, has been very succesfull.
We learned a lot about elements, seasons, hope, love and commmitment. Also about birth, dead and truth. My group enjoyed this week by drawing learning and playing the cards.  This game is about symbols and enlightment.
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There are many themes that helps to grow the game. During the week, some find his own theme, as Marsja found her theme: Music, she immediately draw her cards on that theme.  Together we founded the theme: Love, Hope, Commitment. Before we called those cardsBirth, Dead and Trust. It is amazing how this game still is growing, every time that we repeat the themes.

We were with twelve students, some of them already made a game, but wanted to complete it. Some were making cards for the first time.
As we study together the meaning of the cards, we come to several very special outcomes. Every card that is made, gives his character free to who plays with it.

I want to show you some of our photographs, so that you can get an impression how it was, out there in the Dominicanen Klooster. We had a very good time together. Thanks to my students and the house that protected us.

With my greetings,   SCAN 7 -2013  Handtekening Danka Husken232


Winterweek – Spirituality – in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen

In 2014 I will give a new Mandala Winterweek in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen. These week are every time again very amazing, for people get back there several time to contemplate, meditate and to draw their mandala’s, instead of gowing to the snow. I always facy these weeks, this year we will undertake the yourney into our own spirit and to see how we can draw card to play. These symbolic cards – we aslo name the Enlightning Cards – will be drawned on white or black paper. Because of their inspirated issues, we chose them each day, they can be used and played by yourself but also be played by a group, family feast or friends.

Image     Image    



The way we play with the cards will be learned in the evening, so that one can play the inspiring game at home as easy as it was in the course. It is a pleasure to see the creative ways the participants chose to  represent their special pictures. I know we will have a great week of joy and participation with all of us.

Do you want to share this very special moment? Their are some places left so you can subscribe by looking at the website of the Dominicanen Klooster:

You also can look for more people who want to come as a group. Then you can chose for English as language. Do and look at my website:

I wish you a very good 2014 – a very good spiritual year ( see for more information my English Blog on Numerology )

Love and charity,