In & Out of Tekentaal

I am the temporary president of the Union TEKENTAAL and work for years with this medium as a teacher in schools, drawing weeks, workshops, readings, and 1 to 1 in sessions. I wrote many books about Mandala & Tekentaal, in 2013, I initiated my school: Educatief Mandala Instituut.  As Psychosocial Therapist, I have worked withContinue reading “In & Out of Tekentaal”

The 13 spirituel chakra’s

How your 7 chakra’s changed to 13 spiritual chakra’s These days, we are happy to tell you about the change of the 7 chakra’s in 13 chakra’s. Want to know more about it? Want to work with them yourself? Then come to the EMI-year – 13 spiritual chakra’s – and get at the end ofContinue reading “The 13 spirituel chakra’s”