Leven in Balans – now for myself

This year I lost my dear husband. In August 2015 we were in the hospital and heard from the medical staff that he had not very much chance to get better and he had to prepare himself for the end of his life. As he walked out of the hospital after the first operation he felt himself well enough to go for a photo-session. And this was the photo he made in November 2015.

_MG_3660-1 k

At that moment we choose for living as happy and peaceful as we could. Doing what we always did, but that our love life was very important to both of us. In our work we want people to see that it is very important to become a high energy level, so now we could let them see that, whatever is happening – you can stay in that level most of the time.

This photograph became the last one he made and we used it in his condolence card.
On the top of it there was my last egg-tempera painting, that we brought with us from Amstelveen to Arnhem, eighteen years ago.  As he died in our own home, I am so glad that we shared the last weeks of his life, here. I miss him every day, but know that he is still there in his own energy. I will never forget him. Bye darling Hans.

SCAN298 b  Photo’s: Hans Hüsken



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I am Danka Husken-Smit founder of the Education Mandala Instituut. I am psychosocial coach and train people to come in touch with their passion and balance and to grow their insights. I work with drawing media, so all you learn, you will implement by putting your persuasions into a drawing. This will help you to find your own patterns and possibilities. As we know everyone is capable to change and to grow to mindfulness, you can change your beliefs and navigate them that way.

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